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Every service we provide is founded on The Life of Riley principles:

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Pet Care Services

Pet Sitting

A Pet Sitter Will Come To Your Louisville Home To Provide Potty Breaks, Food, Water, Playtime and Litter Box Changes.  See our zip code listing below for our service area.

Dog Walking

30 Minute Leashed Walks In Your Neighborhood.

Pet Taxi

Pet sitter will transport your dog or cat to and from the veterinarian or groomer. Minimum 2-day advance notice is required.

How Much Time Do You Need?

Home Visits

Pet sitter will drop-in to provide pet care needs. For dogs with a backyard, this would be appropriate if a walk is not required.

Vacation Visit

In addition to providing pet care services, this includes bringing in mail, turning lights on/of, opening & shutting window treatments, watering plants. We want it to appear as though the homeowner is not away.

Long-Duration Stay

4-6 hour stay with pet during daytime hours. This is appropriate when pet owner needs to be away from the house for an extended time during the day but has a pet that does not cope well when left alone. Appropriate for dogs that have separation anxiety who would otherwise panic and be destructive when left alone for a long time.

Overnight Stay

Pet sitter sleeps in the home with the pets. Great alternative for pets that do not cope well at boarding facilities. Evening & morning pet care is included. Pet sitter’s approximate arrival is by 8:00 p.m., morning departure approximately 7:00 a.m. If return visits are required during the day, they are added at the standard rate.

(Subject to staff availability and a 50% non-refundable deposit by credit card upon booking.)


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Where can you find us?

We provide pet services throughout Louisville


(40059, 40056, 40245, 40241, 40242, 40243, 40202, 40203, 40204, 40205, 40206, 40207, 40213, 40214, 40215, 40216, 40217, 40218, 40222, 40223, 40014, 40022, 40023, 40026, 40031, 40220, 40291, 40299, 40071)

We’re growing!

Stay in touch. We’ll send you training tips and animal insights, and we will keep you in the know as we expand.

Want to be a Pet Sitter or a Dog Walker?

Here’s how

we’re positively different

Positive reinforcement

We only allow the use of positive tools & techniques.

Thoroughly vetted care-providers

Each pet-sitter and dog walker is personally vetted by The Life of Riley Principle Trainer, educated about dog & cat body language, and shown expertise while handling dogs and cats in everyday situations.

Training is

While your dog or cat is in our care, we’ll employ our Riley-approved training methods to improve their behaviors. For instance, if your dog pulls on walks, we’ll teach him to walk politely on the leash, and we’ll show you how to use handling techniques to help you achieve the same results while you’re out walking together.

Fear Free

The Life of Riley pet sitters and dog walkers are taught Fear Free handling methods to ensure the safety and best interests of your pets. Our care professionals are trained to recognize and reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in pets.

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The Life of Riley