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Below are some of my favorite training tools.


Everything from puzzle toys, leashes and harnesses, ergonomic beds, books and more.  I know you will love them too! To purchase an item, simply click the image.

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HandsOn Gloves

This wonderful product allows me to pet or massage my dogs while taking out a lot of dead fur, which makes us both happy!

#1 Ranked, Multi-Award Winning, the HandsOn Gloves are a Revolutionary All-In-One Shedding/ Bathing/ Grooming Gloves. This outperforms traditional curry combs, bathing mitts, shedding blades and metal bristles.

Clicino Clicker Ring

Clickers can be cumbersome when you are also juggling a leash, treats, and other training accessories. The Clicino Clicker Ring® is an attractive convenient clicker that fits on your finger like a ring, freeing up your hands while ensuring that you always have a clicker at your fingertips! Available in four colors: Red, Blue, Gray, Purple, and Lime.


Clicker training is the most precise method of communicating to your pet that they have performed a behavior that you like for which they will be rewarded with something they love, making the chances of that behavior being repeated much more likely. Using clickers to train pets helps build a strong bond and relationship with them.  Just click & treat for the behaviors you like and your pet will offer the behaviors more often!

Doggon Good Clickers

The Box Clicker is a great positive reinforcement training tool for pets including, dogs, cats, birds, chickens, horses, and MORE!

The Box Clicker is a loud clicker. Perfect for training inside, ouside, and at a distance.
These high-quality box clickers have white tops and solid color bottoms. The insert is stainless steel. Tab on the end allows you to attach a wrist coils or retractable for easy hands free clicker training.

Custom Harness

TRE PONTI creates uniqe harnesses for pets.  Made with the remarkable quality and care of fine artisan craftsmanship.  Not heavy, not bulky, no over the head, just comfy.  Our passion and love for pets inspires us to improve and develop new products that are handmade by skilled artisans, rendering each creation a one of a kind!

Balance Harness

Want a dog harness that stops the pulling and actually fits? Six-point adjustment for the ultimate comfort, freedom and control, and ensures your dog has the proper fit for comfort, safety and range of movement. Looking for a no-pull harness that doesn’t cause chaffing, choking, or restriction – you’ve found the one.

Harness for Tiny Dogs

The Choke Free harness is the best harness for dogs under 20 lbs. Although the Choke Free Harness is not a training harness, it is made specifically for smaller breeds to prevent choking, coughing, gagging and takes the pressure off the neck.

Freedom No-Pull Harness

This is the harness I recommend to walk dogs of all sizes. The Freedom Harness has both a front clip and a back clip with a leash that attaches to both clips for greater control and leverage with dogs that are pullers. The back clip is attached to a martingale loop which tightens the harness around the dog’s rib cage when it gets to the end of the leash, providing feedback that it has gone too far from the handler. Along with the proper training, this harness helps teach dogs not to pull. It comes in many great colors and sizes and is adjustable at every strap.
dog training lick mat


Useful for distracting your dog or cat for body handling such as grooming, nail trimming or bathing. Spread the LickiMat with peanut butter, wet dog or cat food, cream cheese, baby food or anything that your pet loves which is spreadable. Your pet will be focused on the yummy treat while you take care of its grooming needs, making it a positive experience for everyone!

Patterns available: Soother & Buddy.

dog training lick mat

West Paw Toys

Durable dog toys. From tough chew to rough play – find your dog’s favorite way to play.

Food Puzzle Toys by Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottosson puzzle games & toys exercise your dog’s and cat’s mind and body. Prevent and reduce boredom, behavior problems, weight problems, and strengthens your bond with your dog.

Pet Tutor

The Pet Tutor is a great training tool with features such as the bark mode which releases food when the dog stops barking to help teach your dog to be quiet, and a tilt mode that can be used in a feeder toy that the dog engages with to act as an enrichment  activity to help stimulate your dog’s mind and body.

Farm Hounds Treats

You can feed your best friend nutrient dense treats that support health and well-being. Treats & chews that support family farms, regenerative agriculture, & humane farming practices! They list the exact farm on everything they make. Know the farm. Trust the product.

Fig & Tyler Treats

Fig & Tyler products are made from human food grade meats. Training morsels and full sized treats available.

Get 10% off your first order by using code WT0918.

Recipes for Treat Toys:

Check out this list of our favorite treat toy recipes that are healthy, simple to make, and pair perfectly with our puzzle toys. Healthy treats should be a part of a nutritious diet.
large kong dog toy

Kong Wobbler

A stimulating food puzzle toy that provides enrichment for dogs by making them work for their food. Helps to slow down fast eaters. They’re durable and easy to use and clean.

Available in small and large sizes.

Tricky Treat Ball

Keep your pooch challenged and focused while playing with Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball. This toy can give your canine required exercise. It’s made of a vinyl textured surface that makes it easy for your dog to grip while digging in for treats. This ball can be filled with your canine’s favorite kibbles. It’s safe to play with and gives your dog ample excitement.

Available in small, medium and large sizes.

FitPAWS Conditioning Equipment

FitPAWS products are great training tools to help dogs build strength, endurance, speed and balance needed for dog sports, or for overall fitness, strength and balance for the average pet dog. A fun way to create a great relationship with your dog while improving its fitness and reducing the chance of injuries. 

Select this link for FitPaws Products.

Tug Toys

4 My Merles dog tug toys are interactive toys between you and your dog.
large kong dog toy

Custom Training Toys

Dog Dreams Toys specialize in Custom Training Toys. They are built to last, using  expertise and pet-safe materials. They are made to please even the pickiest pups and to withstand the toughest tuggers.
dog training lick mat

Flirt Pole

Want an easy way to keep your dog happy and healthy in less than 10 minutes a day? It works by converting the natural prey drive instinct in dogs into exercise as they attempt to catch the lure by sprinting, changing direction, and jumping.

Biothane Long Line Leash

Brahma Leads are designed for dog sports such as nose work and tracking. Perfect for playtime and exercise, too. Super-durable, affordable training leads in any length! It is flexible has a nice weight and feel that resembles leather. It won’t give you rope burn or absorb dirt/moisture like rope or nylon leads.

Trailblazing Tails Long Line Leash

These leashes are handcrafted with BioThane which wipes clean and will never stink! Built with solid brass hardware, this highly durable leash is made for any environment.

Choose their hands-free innovation, the Slide Tab Handle, to allow yourself the freedom to adjust its length, wear around your waist, or over your shoulder.

Long Line Leashes

A strong, comfortable long leash is essential for helping your dog feel free while still staying safe.

Available in a variety of lengths and colors.

dog training lick mat

Big Barker Beds

This orthopedic bed has been clinically proven to improve quality of life for large dogs through improved joint function, improved gait, reduced pain and joint stiffness.

Positive Techniques Training Book

One of my favorite books on dog training – “The Power of Positive Dog Training” by Pat Miller

dog training lick mat

“Meet Your Dog” Book

Meet Your Dog is the first, long-overdue step in reinventing it. Award-winning certified canine behavior consultant Kim Brophey introduces a comprehensive framework known as L.E.G.S (Learning, Environment, Genetics, Self) to explain all four aspects of a dog’s behavior.

“The Culture Clash” Book

The most thought provoking book ever written on dog behavior and training. Generations of dogs have been labeled training-lemons for requiring actual motivation when all along they were perfectly normal. Numerous other completely and utterly normal dogs have been branded as canine misfits simply because they grew up to act like dogs. Barking, chewing, sniffing, licking, jumping up and occasionally, (just like people), having arguments, is as normal and natural for dogs as wagging tails and burying bones.

"Doggie Language" Book

Dogs communicate with so much more than barks and tail wags, and misreading doggie body language makes life challenging for dogs and their humans.

This small but mighty book is your perfect illustrated guide to seeing and understanding the subtle visual cues used by your beloved pup to express how they’re feeling in different situations.

dog training lick mat

"Ruff Love" Book

In Ruff Love, Susan Garrett shares her incredibly successful relationship-building program. Based on her years of experience working with dogs, the Ruff Love program is designed not only to help people dealing with “problem” dogs, but to help agility, flyball, obedience, and other dog sport handlers build a better working relationship with their current competition dog or their next performance prospect.
dog training lick mat


Provides Oral health + supports joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. If your dog has bad breath, red, swollen, inflamed gums, oral bleeding, difficulty chewing, is slowing down, lame, has joint swelling or pain, has difficulty getting up and laying down or going up and down stairs or jumping due to age related issues, this supplement could benefit your dog’s longevity and quality of life. TLOR is a wholesale provider of this supplement, please contact Wendy for purchase at 502-466-2885 or use my contact form to send an email.

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