Dog Training

Dog Training

Using positive reinforcement training, we will help you teach your pet life skills to enable them to live successfully in your world and create an amazing bond between you. Here, you won’t get run-of-the-mill obedience training. Here, you’ll have fun, learn to communicate, and gain mutual respect as you work together. That’s The Life of Riley!

Once you and your dog have completed a training package, you can always come back!  We offer coaching sessions for continued education. In these sessions, you can sharpen your handling skills, learn more fun tricks and additional positive behaviors, or simply receive advice for advanced training.

Online Dog Training and Consults

Training your dog is always a great investment, but the trip to the trainers may be no simple task. Some dogs fear car rides, while other dogs get carsick. We also offer professional, high-quality online dog training to dog lovers. An online dog trainer can teach you how to interact with your dogs so that they can understand and behave the way you want them to.


Dog Training

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