Dog Services

Dog Training

Here, you won’t get run-of-the-mill obedience training. Here, you’ll have fun, learn to communicate, and gain mutual respect as you work together.
That’s The Life of Riley!

Dog Walking

30 minute leashed walks in your neighborhood.

Dog Sitting

A pet sitter will come to your home to provide potty breaks, food, water and playtime. We offer Overnight Stays as an option for dogs who do not enjoy being boarded outside their home when owners are away for extended periods.

Canine Fitness & Conditioning

Incorporate canine fitness and conditioning into your dog’s routine to enhance your dog’s life and increase your bond together. Because your dog deserves the best life possible!

Family Dog Mediator

The Family Dog Mediator brings an entirely new perspective to solving dog behavior problems, considering the genetic programming which influence dog behaviors.

Puppy Socialization (8-16 weeks)

A critical period of development during which a puppy learns how to relate to other dogs, humans and the environment.

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The Life of Riley