Adopting the Right Shelter Dog for You

My mom came across this video that shows how excited a shelter dog was when it realized it was finally getting out of that place. Shelters are very scary for us and it’s hard to be ourselves in there. Sometimes we are very intimidated because it’s very loud and there are so many strange things happening that we’re not used to. When people come to see us, we may not be displaying our true personality because we’re afraid, nervous or shy. The dog in this video was very shy at the shelter, so it took awhile for him to find his forever family because he kept getting overlooked for more outgoing dogs. It reminded mom of my freedom day – I may not have been shy but I was very quiet and patient when people would come and go past my kennel. I was so happy when she came and got me! Please don’t be afraid to consider a dog that is being very quiet at the shelter, but know that it’s real personality will come alive once you get it in a safe, comfortable and happy environment! It will be forever grateful to you for saving it’s life!

Read about Riley’s adventure here and as Valentines Day approaches, perhaps you could find a shelter dog or cat that is just waiting for someone to love them and take them home to be your Valentine?

The Life of Riley